Founder & Honorary Chairman

Almoayyed International Group, established in 1979, has grown over the past 41 years from a modest one-man shop into one of the most successful and fully diversified organization in the Kingdom of Bahrain with operations in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Oman.
Almoayyed International Group

Farouk Yousuf Almoayyed

Our tireless efforts to cultivate a keen sense of spotting market trends, proactively diversifying our offering, and adding value to our clients as our core ethos, Almoayyed International Group is well poised to successfully expand into the future.

As a company, we invest in our management and staff at each facet of the business, to build a stellar team of leaders across all business segments and specializations from ICT and Automation, to Real Estate, to Food and Beverage, and Industrial Packaging Solutions and more.

We pride ourselves on striving to be pioneers, market leaders and the benchmark of quality in our service offering across each industry we operate in, as we create value-adding products and services to support our clients' growth and success, as well as contributing positively to the well-being of the communities we operate in.

Moving forward, we aspire to achieve new heights in excellence and milestones for success. I invite you to enjoying browsing the Almoayyed International Group website and learn more about our vision for the future.

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