Palletbiz W.L.L

Palletbiz WLL is a Joint Venture establishment of Season International Trading & Industries Co, Bahrain.

The concept underlining the Palletbiz business system is the establishment of an international network of wood and metal packaging production units and distribution depots for packaging and handling materials.

Our restless ambition to protect the environment and ensure sustainable operations and growth goes through everything we do. We strive to stay ahead of the game by aspiring to achieve the highest quality of international operating standards that our clients value. This includes an ongoing process of recycling and energy conserving processes to reduce carbon emissions from operations.

We believe in a very simple set of core values that guide our approach to doing business across different countries and cultures. Openness, loyalty, pro-activeness and a deep-felt win/win attitude govern our actions, and we do our utmost to apply these corporate core values in all Palletbiz business activities and relationships.

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Our Address

Palletbiz WLL,
PO Box 886, Kingdom of Bahrain
Refinery Road No. 3501, Area 635,
Yard 75, Ma'ameer,
P.O. Box 26259, Manama,
Kingdom of Bahrain.