Season Lead Edge Paper Industries Co. WLL

Season Lead Edge Paper Industries Co. W.L.L. is a joint venture between Season International Trading & Industries and Lead Edge Papers Private Limited.

Lead Edge Papers Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 1995 at Hyderabad – India. The company has the capacity to manufacture 30,000,000 meters of corner boards per annum.

Corner boards are manufactured out of multilayered kraft paper glued and formed into a rigid right-angle by a unique process.

A team of highly qualified and skilled workers and staff ensure prompt service and consistent quality. By delivering exceptional results every time, the company has developed a very strong, satisfied and loyal customer base.

Corner boards are also known by other names – Edge Protectors, Angle Board, Edge Guard, Paper Angles, Edge Corners, Corner Protectors, Edge Board, V Board, Corner Angle etc.

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Our Address

Season Lead Edge Paper Industries Co. WLL,
PO Box 886, Kingdom of Bahrain
Refinery Road No. 3501, Area 635,
Yard 75, Ma'ameer,
P.O. Box 26259, Manama,
Kingdom of Bahrain.